> New subcategories in the Cross Country class
The first change is the creation of 2 SUBCATEGORIES for both Extreme and Cross Country classes. ...

> Rally Season 2017
In the following NEWSLETTER you can read more about the events in 2017: Rallye Breslau Poland, Balkan Offroad Rallye, Balkan Classic Rallye and the brand new event and project of the association ...

> Save the dates for Balkan Offroad Rallye 2017
The show must go on in 2017, so save the dates for Balkan Offroad Rallye 2017! ...



For the upcoming season, RBI Assn. is introducing some changes in the technical rules for the Rallye Breslau Poland and Balkan Offroad Rallye. The goal is to give more opportunities for more competitors to win a trophy, even for those that can't invest too much in their vehicles.

The first change is the creation of 2 SUBCATEGORIES for both Extreme and Cross Country classes. Those subcategories will be named "Open" and "Limited" and will have their own standing classification, except the general standings for the class. Those, who comply with the requirements of the "Limited" subcategory, will be listed there. The others will be added to the "Open" class.

You can view some of the main details for the subcategories of the "Cross Country" class in the fourth episode of "RBI - The Series" in our Facebook page and or YouTube channel.

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Follow the links to read more about the specific regulations for Cross Country Cars:

  LIMITED subcategory >>>

  OPEN subcategory >>>

Expansion, pure racing and entertainment coming with the next year's racing season of Rallye Breslau International Association (RBI Assn).


The year is turning to its end slowly but surely. And what a year it was! Rallye Breslau International Association is really proud of the 2016 season, but we don't lay on old glory. The high standard RBI Assn. reached during the last 11 months is a real joy for the organization, but most important - for the people, who are actually the soul of our races - the competitors, mechanics, fans, media, sponsors and not to forget the huge international ORGA team. The RBI Assn. is already working hard for the next years season to deliver for everyone unforgettable emotions and memories with plenty of races and events across Europe.

The family of events, organized by RBI Assn. is getting bigger and bigger and we are proud to introduce you our plans for the upcoming year.


Encouraged by the teams that traveled serious distance to participate in the first edition, the Balkan Classic Rallye 2017 will be held from 8 to 15 June 2017. The huge success from 2016, the numerous inquiries from the overseas and the specific rally structure required in this kind of rally, made RBI Assn. to organize a separate event from the Balkan Offroad Rallye. This will allow the organization to prepare much more appropriate and specific tracks and cover the highest criteria of the historic rallies.
The goal to make a world class classic endurance rally and promote this type of classic spirit among the people.

RALLYE BRESLAU POLAND 2017 scheduled: last week of June - POLAND

This year the confirmation of the availability of the military terrain, where battle ground of the legendary Rallye Breslau Poland takes place, will be announced in the mid December. We are all waiting this information, but we are not standing still. Our team has planned the event to be in the last week of June. We still can't confirm the exact dates, as the organization is depending on the military agenda in Poland. We are really looking forward to another great and passionate rally in the Breslau spirit and we hope we will have the dates as a Christmas present for you.

BALKAN BAJA FIA WCCCR Candidate: 8-10.09.2017 - BULGARIA

August will be a preparation period for the eventful end of the season. The newest member of RBI Assn. will be the Balkan Baja in Bulgaria. It's the real deal, as the competition will be a candidate event for the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rally and we believe the Baja will be a serious and exciting part of the calendar of the FIA Championship.
The dates are 8-10 September - just one week before the 7th Balkan Offroad Rallye.
As tough as it sounds to be organized, our goal is to provide a unique package, that can't be matched by any motorsport event in the world. We will give the competitors a chance to participate in both events Balkan Baja and Balkan Offroad Rallye, with 5 days for the perfect holiday in one of the best summer resorts areas in Europe, or maybe just enough time for a business travel. You will not need additional time for preparation for the second race, as the technical check for Balkan Baja will be valid for Balkan Offroad Rally too. It's an opportunity you cannot find across the cross-country calendar on planet Earth. Unite your teams and take a 3-week racing and holiday package.


If you are wondering what to expect from the next Balkan Offroad Rallye, we will give you just a few hints.
This year the Balkan Offroad Rallye will be based at the seaside, as we all know that the atmosphere, the great feeling and the fun are also important part of the event. This set up will allow us to explore completely new territory in the west of Black Sea. These new tracks scouted in mid November, never before handled in a rally such as the Breslaus Balkan Offroad Rallye showed great potential for the Cross country and Extreme categories and even the Trucks!
For the bikes and ATVs there will be dedicated tracks, so we can guarantee variety and 24/7 fun. There will be speed, but also a lot of adventure, navigation and most importantly - many and different beautiful landscapes across Bulgaria.
Extreme adventure trophy this is the task for the road book team which is again making a dedicated tracks for the extreme category competitors. Technical tracks, azimuth courses, river ravines and many breath taking landscapes but do not expect to go soft. The level has been set, just take a look on the magnificent reports and feedback on the competitors FB walls and you will see it all!
3 years in a row the Trucks have been just touching base for the tracks here at Balkan Offroad Rallye. The 2016 edition gave them a real confidence that this is a rare opportunity for a high level competition, not thousand miles away, but here, in Europe to take the truck and go racing. We have even the option to extend the Balkan Offroad Rallye with some specially dedicated tracks for the trucks but it will all depend on you show us that you will be coming and we will do it even better for you Big guys!
The Cross-Country cars will have to face harder navigation, longer stages and to keep all this under control for the 8 legs of the rally. The level is already well known and the standards are high but expect the unexpected technical driving, endurance and strategy skills to be the winner in this prestige event!


The Breslau team is working hard on updating and making the registration process easier and more relaxed. Expect the registrations for our events to be open in the beginning of February. You have enough time until then to make plans and choose the rally that fits you the best.


We will not let you just waiting during the long months as we are preparing new websites. You can follow us in Facebook and YouTube, where we have another present for you. At the end of the year we will start special weekly video series, where we will inform you about the features and changes and we will present some of the competitors that have been generic part of the history of our competitions.  Stay tuned!












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